Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Home of the Most Heisman Trophies!

In light of USC's decision yesterday to return Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy -- leaving USC with six Heisman Trophies -- does that now mean that Notre Dame is the only school with seven Heisman Trophy "winners?" The Heisman Trust is rumored to be meeting next week to decide just that. At the very least -- Notre Dame is, once again, the only college campus in America where you'll find seven Heisman trophies! I'd like to believe that USC's actions make it that much easier for the Heisman Trust to follow suit and rescind Bush's Heisman Trophy. Makes you wonder now if Bush and his family feel that the home and the other perks they received, was worth it. Here's a link to the story concerning USC removing the trophy as well as a second story discussing the Heisman Trust's plans:



Who Takes Haden's Spot in the Booth?

With the news yesterday that Pat Haden, NBC color analyst, will be named the next Athletic Director at USC -- effective August 3rd -- there is an opening in the Notre Dame telecast booth. It's going to be interesting to see who NBC will select for this position. I would like to see a "pro Notre Dame" voice sitting alongside Tom Hammond. My top choices: Joe Theismann, Rocket Ismail, Jerome Bettis or Steve Beurlein. Here's a link to an article that lists many more prospects for the position:


"I'm Done With Coaching"

These were the words of one Tyrone Willingham, who was recently interviewed by a Jacksonville newspaper. Many thought that was the case after his second season with the Irish. The 56 year-old former Notre Dame Head Coach hasn't been seen much since his firing from Washington. Ty says he "is retired" -- I'm guessing he's just playing a little more golf these days! Here's a link to the article: