Sunday, July 18, 2010

Theismann Finishes 16th -- Tolliver Wins

The American Century Championship -- a golf tournament played on the shores of Lake Tahoe -- annually brings together stars from the entertainment and sport communities. This made for TV event, had five "Notre Damers" in the field -- with Joe Theismann, Steve Beurlein, Jerome Bettis (pictured), Digger Phelps and Lou Holtz teeing it up. Theismann had the best finish, winding up 16th, while Beurlein finished 51st, Bettis 56th, Digger 72nd and Lou pulled out of the last round. Billy Joe Tolliver ran away from the field, setting a Stabelford Scoring record for the event and winning for the third time.

Theismann Tied for 13th!

Joe Theismann is the "low Notre Damer" at this week's American Century Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. Theismann (pictured), in 13th place, is one of five athletes/coaches, playing in the tournament who have ties to the University of Notre Dame. Steve Beurlein, Jerome Bettis, Digger Phelps and Lou Holtz are the others. Beurlein is currently 51st, Bettis is 55th, Phelps (recovering from prostate cancer surgery) is 70th and Lou is in 78th place going into today's final round. You can watch the tournament live on NBC today from 3 PM to 6 PM EST.


ND All Americans Differ on Independence

Former Notre Dame All American football players Joe Theismann and Gerry DiNardo were recently interviewed for a Detroit News article about Notre Dame's football independence. Theismann was very clear in his feelings about Notre Dame remaining independent -- "It would be a very sad day for me personally if Notre Dame were to join a conference." Not surprisingly, DiNardo toed the company line (DiNardo is a Big Ten Network analyst), saying "The reason I believe Notre Dame should be affiliated with a conference because it gives them a chance to be the best..." NOTE TO GERRY -- Notre Dame doesn't need to join the Big Ten or any conference for that matter -- "for the chance" to be the best!!! Here's a link to the article: