Friday, June 11, 2010

Irish Athletics -- Tops Again in Classroom!

The NCAA just released its sixth annual Academic Progress Rate (APR) statistics -- and, once again, all 26 of Notre Dame's varsity athletic teams exceeded the NCAA standards. (2010 NCAA APR REPORT - LINKED BELOW) In fact, eight Irish teams earned perfect scores! Five Men's teams; cross country, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field and golf -- and three Women's teams; rowing, soccer and tennis. The only school with more perfect scores than Notre Dame - Duke, they had ten. The NCAA's APR uses a series of formulas related to student-athlete retention and eligibility to measure the academic performances of all participants who receive grants-in-aid on every team at every NCAA Division I college and university. Congratulations Notre Dame Athletics! Notre Dame Football received a 978 NCAA APR score -- as compared to the NCAA APR scores for the Football Teams on Notre Dame's schedule this fall -- ranked below - from highest to lowest:
-Stanford: 976
-Navy: 973
-Boston College: 967
-USC: 965
-Army: 964
-Western Michigan: 956
-Pittsburgh: 950
-Utah: 949
-Michigan State: 941
-Tulsa: 939
-Michigan: 936
-Purdue: 930