Friday, April 30, 2010

Freekbass and "WE ARE ND"

I've been doing my absolute best to publish "positive" stories on Notre Dame here at the ND GO IRISH BLOG. However, I may have to break from the norm here and let you decide if I'm off "bass" here with my "luke warm" critique of funk bassist Freekbass & Tobotius's rendition of "We Are ND." Brian Kelly, Mike Golic, the Leprechaun, etc. -- all appear in the music video. Maybe I'm just too old! But, when I hear the words from the "greatest college fight song in the land" in this song, it doesn't sit right with me. Other than that -- I'm okay with it. Although it does come off a little like Notre Dame's (PG-13) version of the music video former ND All-American Orlando Woolride's son -- Renaldo Wooldridge performed for the Tennessee Volunteers' Eric Berry's Heisman Trophy campaign last year. Here's a link to the music video released by Notre Dame's Department of Education yesterday and Eric Berry's video -- you decide!