Wednesday, March 31, 2010

79th Anniversary of Knute Rockne's Death

A plane carrying Notre Dame Head Football Coach Knute Rockne - crashed on this date, 79 years ago. Ironically, Rockne was on his way to participate in the filming of a movie called "The Spirit of Notre Dame" -- which just happens to be the name of Notre Dame's current development campaign. The plane crashed in a wheat field near the town of Bazaar, Kansas -- killing all eight people on board.

Notre Dame Partners with YMCA

The University of Notre Dame's NonProfit Professional Development announced today that it would begin providing executive training to the YMCA's senior leadership this August -- at Notre Dame's executive classroom space in Chicago. The YMCA joins other service organizations such as; Volunteers of America, Catholic Charities USA and National Human Services Assembly -- who have sought executive training from Notre Dame.