Sunday, February 21, 2010

Al Haig - a Notre Dame student...

Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State and U.S. Army General -- died yesterday of complications from a staphylococcal infection while at John Hopkins Hospital. Haig graduated from West Point, but prior to his time as a Cadet, he attended the University of Notre Dame for two years. He's best known for his comment "I am in charge here" -- after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan -- even though he was at best -- fifth in line to run the country.

Irish Lacrosse stuns #2 Duke!

The #9 ranked Fighting Irish opened their 2010 Lacrosse season on the road against #2 ranked Duke -- and upset the Blue Devils 11 - 7. It's the first time a ND Lacrosse squad has defeated a team ranked in the top 2 in the country. Not a bad way to start a season!